Join Our Loyalty Program

Be Rewarded With Privileges

Join our loyalty program and start earning rewards on your Royal Privilege Card.

To join, simply -

1. Download the Royal Privilege Card Mobile App for Apple iOS or Android.

A QR code will be generated and this will serve as your membership card inside the App for member privileges. Make sure you scan your Mobile QR every time you shop with us in-store!


Visit the Royal Privilege Card booth at any of our stores. Complete a digital application form, and pay a minimal fee of Php 50 for your physical card. Remember to bring along a valid ID.


Present Royal receipts worth an accumulated Php 3,000 of purchases made in the last three (3) months. Receipts should not have been previously used in claiming Royal Privilege points.

Every shopper over the age of 18 is welcome to join our program.

The Benefits of Royal Loyalty

Earning Points

To earn points, present your card or app QR code to the cashier prior to making a purchase. Points may be earned through cash, debit card, and credit card transactions.

One Philippine Peso earns you one point, and Peso values are rounded off to the nearest
whole number (e.g. Php 1,525.50 will earn 1,526 points). These points will automatically convert to currency in your Royal eWallet, which you may use to pay for future purchases at any Royal stores.

Points may also be earned when purchasing our gift certificates, though
using gift certificates as a mode of payment will not earn points. Similarly, items purchased with Merchandise Return Slips do not earn points.

Check Your Points Balance

Just download and login to the Royal Privilege Card Mobile App to check your points. You can also visit the loyalty booth at our stores.

Pay With Points

You may use your accumulated points to pay for purchases at Royal.

To redeem - simply present your card or mobile app QR code to the cashier upon payment, and the points in your Royal eWallet will automatically be allocated from your total bill. You may need to pay a balance if the bill is greater than the points available.

  • True Blue Tier

    Every time you shop at Royal, just present your card or loyalty app for scanning at check out. You'll earn 1 point per peso spent. And you'll be able to enjoy perks and deals only available to True Blue members.

  • Gold Tier

    Get the ultimate Royal treatment with bigger discounts and exclusive perks on earning and redemption offers with partner establishments and brands. Find out how to reach Gold Tier status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Privilege Card membership have an expiration date?

Your membership does not expire, but will temporarily be deactivated after two (2) years of inactivity and, upon the third year of inactivity, will be removed from our system. You must re-apply for a new account if you still wish to be a member.

Inactive accounts will be moved to active status if a purchase is recorded between the second and third year of inactivity.

My card was damaged or lost. What do I do?

Visit the Royal Privilege Card Booth at any Royal store to report a lost or damaged card and request for a replacement. Please note that damaged cards must be surrendered at the booth.

You will be asked to present one (1) valid government ID to confirm your personal information in our system, and to create a 4-digit PIN prior to the issuance of your new card.

A fee of Php 50 will be collected as payment for the new card.

How do I change my PIN?

Visit the Royal Privilege Card Booth at any Royal store and present two (2) valid government IDs together with your card. Our personnel will assist you in creating a new PIN.

Once your new PIN is verified, you can use your card as normal.

How do I update my personal information?

Keep your personal information updated through the Royal Privilege Card Mobile App. You may also visit our booth at any Royal store, where our personnel can assist you in updating your account.

Terms and Conditions

All valued members of the our loyalty program are asked to remember the following:

1. A member’s Royal Privilege Card account will be marked inactive following two (2) years without a recorded purchase. Upon the third year of inactivity, the account will be removed from our system.

2. To collect points, members must present their card or app QR code to the cashier before making a payment. If no card or QR code is presented at the time of checkout, no points will be allocated to the member’s account for that purchase.

3. For members’ safety, the loss of your card must immediately be reported to the personnel at the Royal Privilege Card booth. Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc. will not be held liable for the loss or unauthorized use of lost cards.

4. Abuse, failure to follow terms and conditions, and/or misrepresentations may be used as a basis for Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc. to revoke one’s Royal Privilege Card membership at any time. Revocation of membership will affect the concerned individual’s future participation in the program.

5. A member’s Points, as recorded in the RPC Loyalty Program System, shall be deemed correct and accurate.

6. Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc. reserves the right to cancel, modify, or restrict any aspect of the RPC program at any time, with prior notice to its members.

7. In the event that the program is terminated, due notice to all existing members will be given at least 60 days prior to the end of the program. Members must use up all remaining points within said 60 days prior to the program’s termination.

8. Any failure of Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc. to enforce a particular term, condition, or guideline does not equate to these being waived.

9. Members are subject to and deemed to have accepted the RPC Loyalty Program’s Terms and Conditions upon signing off on the RPC Application Form.