Kickstart Your Day

Kickstart Your Day

When it comes to morning drinks, nothing beats coffee! It’s delicious, healthy, and energizes you so you can start your day. Not everyone is a coffee drinkerthough. For example, coffee is not recommended for people who have hyperacidity, pregnant women, and children; while others may find its buzz too intense or dislike the taste.

Not a coffee fan? We hear you! There are many just-as-awesome options that non-coffee drinkers can enjoy. Here are some of our favorite coffee alternatives for every type of drinker.

If you want to cut back on your caffeine intake

Try a cup of tea to jumpstart your day if you don’t want the jitteriness that coffee induces. Compared to coffee, tea has significantly lower amounts of caffeine. While a cup of coffee can range from 60-200 mg of caffeine, teas generally average 70 mg per cup.

Black and green teas are the strongest, while white tea is more delicate in flavor and caffeine content. Spiced and herbal teas are non-caffeinated, making them great options if you’re looking for alternatives.

A glass of juice is a great breakfast start

If you’re looking for something sweet and fruity

Fruit juices and smoothies are great alternatives to coffee. Like teas, they can energize you without making you feel buzzed or jumpy. This is because fruits contain natural sugars that nourish and revitalize and are also packed with vitamins and nutrients. Fruit drinks also have many health benefits, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other sicknesses.

If you miss the flavor of coffee

As healthy as coffee is, caffeine can be addictive. Becoming dependent on caffeine to function is a bad thing. You will need to cut down on your coffee intake to combat your caffeine addiction. If you’re still craving, you can either opt for coffee-flavored candies or simply drink your coffee decaf. Remember that candies may still have tiny amounts of caffeine in them, though.

If you’re looking for a meal and a drink in one

For those constantly on the go, you may not have time to sit and wait for breakfast, let alone brew a coffee. If this sounds like you, then cereal drinks are your morning drink! They are quick and effortless to prepare. Pour a packet into a mug or thermos, add hot water, and voila! Cereal drinks are delicious and filling and come in a variety of flavors.

If you’re working towards health and fitness goals

Trying to get a fitter body this year? Whether weight loss is your goal, or you just want to improve your general health, it’s important to choose a morning drink that energizes you without packing in unnecessary calories. There are several popular health supplements in store, but you can also try to mix things up by alternating these with other health-conscious drinks. Non-dairy milk such as soy and almond milk is a healthy swap for whole and full-fat milk.

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