Christmas Raffle Banner and Promo Mechanics

Christmas Raffle Banner and Promo Mechanics

2023 Christmas Raffle Promo
September 15 – December 31, 2023



I. How to Join:

a. This promotion is open to all customers of Royal Duty Free Shops. Institutional transactions that are given special discounts or payment terms are excluded from this promotion.
b. For every P1,000.00 single receipt purchase, a customer is entitled to one (1) E-Raffle Coupon.
c. Bonus E-Raffle Coupons will be given for every P200.00 worth of products from participating sponsors included in the receipts and upon usage of their RPC Cards. Bonus E-Raffle Coupons allocation is as follows:
     i. Every P200 worth of Partner Sponsor brands = + 5 coupons
     ii. Every P200 worth of Minor Sponsor brands = + 3 coupons
     iii. Every P200 worth of Donor Sponsor brands = + 2 coupons
     iv. RPC Gold members = + 5 coupons
          Eg: Total purchase is P5,000 inclusive of P800 Partner Sponsor products, P600 Minor products, and P400 Donor Sponsor products by an RPC Gold shopper
                5 e-raffle coupons for original entitlement
               + 20 e-raffle coupons for Partner Sponsor products
               + 9 e-raffle coupons for Minor Sponsor products
               + 4 e-raffle coupons for Donor Sponsor products
               + 5 e-raffle coupons for RPC Gold & Gold+ use
               Total of 43 E-Coupons

II. Enrollment & Registration Process
a. The e-raffle coupon entitlement will be printed on each purchase receipt.
b. To facilitate sign up process, customers must present their receipts and Valid IDs, at the promo
booth for validation.
c. Enrollment:
     i. Customers who have not participated in past raffle promotions must first create a “Raffle Account” which will track all their purchases and e-raffle coupons.
     ii. Customers must fill-up required fields in their account completely with the following information:
          1. Name
          2. Address
          3. Email Address
          4. Contact Numbers
     iii. After completing the enrollment process, booth personnel will enter purchase details for the raffle entry to be captured in the promo system.
d. Customers who are already registered in the RDFS E-Raffle System need not enroll again. They can use their existing e-Raffle Account for this promotion. Customers need only to update their personal information in case of any changes.

III. Coupon Encoding Process
a. For succeeding entries, customers must simply present a Valid ID and receipts of purchases made within the promo period to the promo booth to update their E-Raffle account.
b. Once validated, the booth personnel will enter purchase details in the customer’s e-raffle account for the e-raffle coupon entry/entries to be captured in the promo system.
c. E-Raffle entry/entries will automatically be updated in the customer’s e-raffle account. To confirm that the e-raffle coupon entitlement has been entered in the system and to keep track of entries, a tracking receipt of updated e-coupon count will be issued to the customer.
d. E- Raffle Coupons must be encoded in the promo system from September 15 – December 31, 2023. Only receipts of purchases made within this promo period are valid for the e-raffle promotion.

IV. The Raffle Draw
a. The grand raffle draw will be held on January 10, 2024, at 10AM at Royal Duty Free Store 2 in the presence of RDFS and DTI representatives.
b. A total of 200 winners will be drawn for the following prizes:
     (120) P1,000 RDFS E-GC
     (20) JBL Go 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker
     (6) TCL Soundbar
     (10) Fitbit Luxe - Fitness Tracker
     (6) Pico T1-The Slimmest and Portable Projector
     (8) Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Lite
     (6) Apple iPad 10.2 9th Gen 64gb
     (8) Apple iPhone 14 128gb
     (10) LG Smart TV UHD 50UR8150PSB A5 GEN6 AI 50-inch, 4k Ultra HD, HDR10 Pro
     (6) Electric Bicycle
c. A winner's name can only be drawn once. If a customer's name is drawn multiple times, they will receive the prize with the higher value.
d. Once verified by DTI, winner’s names will be posted in both Royal Duty Free branches, RDFS website, FB and IG pages.
e. Winners will also be informed via a telephone call, email or registered mail informing them of when and where to claim their prizes.
f. All prizes are tax free. Any taxes due will be shouldered by Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc
g. All decisions made by Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc. with the concurrence of DTI, will be deemed
final and irrevocable.
h. The owners, management and employees of Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc., their advertising agencies, spouses and relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity, are disqualified from joining this promotion.

V. Claiming of Prizes
a. Winners must present the following in order to claim their prizes:
i. One (1) valid ID with picture
ii. Registered mail / Official SMS or Email Notification from Royal
b. Winning minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who must also present
their identification papers when claiming the prize.
c. Failure to claim prizes within 60 days from receipt of notification will result in an automatic
forfeiture of the prize in favor of Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc., with the prior approval of DTI.

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